Dino Ciccarelli

Dino Ciccarelli

Talk of hockey stars of all time and the list will be incomplete without Dino Ciccarelli. Dino Ciccarelli is one of the most prominent hockey players of all time. Born on 8th February 1960, in Sarnia Ontario, Ciccarelli was tailored to be a hockey talisman from a very tender age. At just sixteen years, Ciccarelli played as a junior phenom with the London Knights. In the four seasons he was in London, he successfully earned 82 points and scored 39 goals, garnering a berth on the league’s Second All-Star Team. In the second season, he scored 142 points and 72 goals, while in his fourth and final years he earned 103 points and scored 50 goals with the team Knights. To commemorate his extraordinary contributions to the franchise between 1976 and 1980, his number 8 sweater was retired and handed over to the London Knights.


His career was suddenly hampered when he broke his leg of the age of 16, making him being considered too small to play for NHL. Despite the injury, Minnesota North Stars signed him as a free agent in 1979, and he later joined the NHL club later in the 1981 season. In this season he managed to play 32 games, in which he successfully dominated the success in the 1981 Stanley Cup Playoffs. He managed to garner 21 points and score 14 goals in 19 games, making him one of the major contributors to the Minnesota’s March success in the Stanley Cup Finals.


During his first full season, Ciccarelli successfully built on his hockey skills leading to his high-career scores that garnered 106 points and 55 goals. Being a North Star, Ciccarelli nurtured his skills into a consistent goal-scorer, making him establish a reputation of a skilled hockey player that led his team to success. In 1989, during his ninth season playing for North Stars, he was traded for Mike Gartner joining Washington Capitals. During his time at Minnesota, he garnered a total of 651 points, the fourth most earned points by the club to date.


With his gritty style, Ciccarelli continued to score consistently for Washington. However, in 1992 he was traded by Kevin Miller and joined Detroit Red Wings because of the team’s subsequent playoff failures. Although, Red Wings, was a club that was good at scoring it lacked a grip with Ciccarelli’s tenacity and gritty hockey skills. During the 1992-93 seasons, he managed to score 41 goals and garner 91 points. In the 1995- 96 seasons he managed to make the Red Wings win the President’s Trophy with their overall first finish.


In 1996 he was traded to the Tampa Bay Lightning club, where he scored 35 goals and earned 60 points. Later, in 1998, he was traded to Florida Panthers where he played his last season. In the 1998-99 seasons, Ciccarelli was only allowed to play 14 games because he suffered a back injury and he later retired in August 199. In his eighteenth season at NHL, he accomplished a personal milestone where he scored his 600 goals during his entire career. At his retirement, he was ranked as the ninth in the history of goal scorers by NHL.


During his entire NHL career, Dino played a total of 1,232 regular season games, garnering 608 goals and 592 assists for 1,200 points. In the other 141 playoff games, he scored 73 goals and added 45 assists for 118 points.


Dino Ciccarelli doubles up as one of the legends of hockey. Despite being critiqued for his size in NHL, and never been drafted by the NHL squad he still successfully managed to have a spectacular hockey career. He was selected in 2010, Hockey Hall of Fame for his brimstone and many points accrued during his career.